A Bit Under the Weather

by achuggabug

Well, I’d love to be able to tell you all that I’ve done so many wonderful and amazing things since getting to Ulan Bator, but the truth is, I’ve gotten a bit sick and had to stay relatively close in.

Two days ago, we moved from the finish line hotel into Gana’s Guesthouse; they specialize in Ger bunkhouses. For anyone who doesn’t know, a ger is the traditional round tent used by the Mongolian nomads for centuries. There are a lot of videos of them being assembled on YouTube, and it’s a pretty interesting thing to see. At our hostel, they’ve got about eight on top of the building, some dorms with five beds and some private ones with a double bed. Right now we’re sharing ours with two Russian travelers, but I think they’re moving out tonight. It really is a unique experience, and I think I could get used to sleeping in one full time if it were an option in the States; also, the fact that I’m sleeping in a bed instead of a sleeping bag makes it a nice improvement from camping.

That day we took it pretty easy, and that night we went out with the Canadians from Five Crew Canoe to a Korean restaurant. The company was good and the food was as well, but it somehow seems a bit of a shame to be in Mongolia and not be eating Mongolian cuisine. There’s a restaurant about a mile away that’s recommended by Lonely Planet that I’d like to try, and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to report back that it’s amazing.

Yesterday we’d made plans to meet up with the Canoe kids again and see a couple of museums. Unfortunately, in the night, I woke up with a terribly sore throat, and it only got worse as we got further into the day. About two in the afternoon, I finally called it quits and headed back to the hostel to see if sleep would make me feel any better. About seven last evening, I woke up with a fever (I assume. Nobody checked me, but my sheets reflected so much body heat and I was so cold without them that I can only blame it on a fever. A night of fitful sleep has found me feeling better, though certainly not up to par. My fever’s gone for the time being, and my throat is no longer sore. I do still have a lot of sinus pressure, but I stopped at a pharmacy where I picked up what I hope is the Mongolian equivalent of Theraflu. I’ll know shortly when they bring me my hot water.

Again, I’m sorry I don’t have any great stories from the city yet, but circumstance seems to be working against me. I’m expecting this to blow over in a day or so, though, and then I’ll be able to get back to my adventures.