by achuggabug

Today starts our third full day in Tbilisi, and the more I see of the city the more I like it. Two days ago the others went out exploring, but since I was really looking forward to a day off, I stayed in the hostel reading, doing laundry, and watching the Olympics. It was a good day, if a little boring, and the break from doing travel things was a nice refresher.

Yesterday, we stayed late in the morning and went out into the town around 3. Our goals were the doll, coin, national, and archeological museums in the center of town, near Liberty Square. Unfortunately, Monday is the day that all of the museums are closed here, and we were turned away from three before we gave up on the fourth. I was still happy to have gotten out; we got off the subway three stops early and walked probably a mile through the back streets. I thought it was for exercise, but evidently there was a mistake made in our navigation; as the least experienced member of the team, I just happily followed, blind to the fact that we were nowhere near our intended destination.

With the museums closed, we decided to try and watch the new Batman movie at the local theater. I was worried it would be in Georgian and we wouldn’t be able to understand it, but the others were confident it would be in English with Georgian subtitles. Luckily for us, the ticket lady told us ahead of time that it was in Russian. Not Georgian, but it still kept us from being able to watch the film.

We returned to the hostel around 4 and I laid down for a nap. At 7, when free dinner got here, I woke up and ate. We had planned to meet up with another team last night at 8:30, but, as has been the case with every other aspect of the Rally, we missed a turn and got their 30 minutes late. We wandered around a bit but eventually decided that we’d missed our opportunity and went home. Facebook confirmed that we had indeed been too late, but the other team wasn’t too worried. I made our apologies and wished them luck on their way to Baku.

A bit of mixed news for me came yesterday. I found out that, because of some of the bureaucratic red tape involved in embassy mail, my passport might be delayed a day or two going through them. Not wanting to leave Alyx waiting for us alone in Aqtau (she’s flying on the 10th, so it would be better if she was alone in Tbilisi, where she’s comfortable and has a hostel, instead of Aqtau, where she’s never been), I tried to have the package held at the local FedEx location. They however, do not speak a word of English, and I couldn’t make the request with them. I sent an email to FedEx International, and they said they couldn’t do it, but they would forward it on to the local office. All this happened yesterday, and in the meantime, the shipping status of my passport was changed to delivered (signed for at front desk). The only problem is it doesn’t list the address to which it was delivered, so my passport is in Tbilisi at one of two locations; I’m just waiting to find out which.

We’d already made plans to meet up with another team tonight (friends we made at the launch party, named Five Crew Canoe) so it’s not a problem to wait and see who emails me about having received the package. I do have to sacrifice another day to being around or near the hostel so I can keep an eye on the email, but I don’t mind. There are a few shops near here and some food, and I’m really enjoying watching the games amongst the international guests here in Georgia. And I suppose if swimming’s on again, I can always catch up on more of my Sherlock Holmes.