Out of the Labyrinth

by achuggabug

24 July 2012; 20:53

Today’s exodus from Istanbul and arrival at the Black Sea was an adventure of mixed emotions. Leaving Istanbul was possibly the hardest thing we’ve had to do, and not just because we didn’t want to; it took us nearly two hours of driving in circles to get onto a road that would take us out of town going East. We did finally find our route, and we began making our way deeper into Asia.

After about four hours on the road, we made it north to the coast of the Black Sea, and, instantly taken with its beauty, we pulled over and played in the water for more than an hour. It was a great trip back to childhood, letting the waves crash over us, trying to stand up to them, swimming out and feeling like flying when a big swell came up; it truly was paradise, even if it was a bit salty.

From there we drove on along the coast into the hills toward central Turkey. We reached a road under construction, and eventually had to stop and wait for the earthmoving equipment to clear the road. While we stopped, some locals took notice of Michal’s camera and invited him over to take their pictures; Alyx got a nasty surprise when she followed him and was asked to go back to the car. Evidently, men drinking their tea is an unwelcome place for a woman in the more conservative areas of Turkey.

It was around that time that Chase noticed his camera missing. The only place he could have left it was on the beach, so we all loded back into the car and headed back. Unfortunately, when we arrived, it was no longer their, either picked up or carried away by the waves. I feel awful for him, and I’m really without a strategy as to how to let him know how sorry I am that it happened to him; he loves taking pictures, and now he doesn’t have his camera.

We’ve set up camp here where he lost it since we’ve lost the light. With luck, we’ll make it up in the morning before anyone comes to tell us we can’t camp here. Then, another few days of the same: driving and camping. I think I hear beans and rice calling me.