Getting Ready for the Road

by achuggabug

12 July 2012; 7:14

Well, there’s no gentle way to put this; Chase and I spent two hours circling New Street Station trying to find one another. Evidently, we’re like-minded enough that we both moved in the same direction at the same times, just on opposite ends. It was only when I went to pay for more parking that I broke the vicious cycle and we managed to find one another.Given the amount of rain that’s been coming out of the sky (eat your heart out Arkansas), we decided against camping. Instead, we booked another night in Hatter’s, and since we wanted four bed in the same room, we ended up with a room to ourselves. This was good, since we immediately spread our junk the entire length of the twelve-bed dorm.We piddled around for a while in the city center getting some supplies and looking for a battery for Chase’s camera (which we couldn’t find, poor Chase), and then we went to wait for Alyx and Michael. Their bus showed up a little after eight, and we were once again a team.Today will be a work day for the Chuggabugs. Our first stop is to get our new tires put on rims, followed by the general servicing required before a 8 500 mile journey through the middle of nowhere. I’m not sure I can convince everyone, because it’s a bit out of the way, but I found a free campsite overlooking Stonehenge on the internet so hopefully, that’s where we’ll stay tonight.Well, my battery’s almost dead, so I’ll have to wait for a chance to charge up before I can post any more.