Return of the Jedi

by achuggabug

Ok, posting this one as I write it!! You can read “I got to sleep in a bed and woke up in a place with internet” from that. Yea, I know, I’m pretty pumped.

I can’t call it a great night’s sleep (three hours, awake for three, asleep for three), but it was a solid couple cycles and I slept hard, no question about it. The hostel lifestyle might not be the most comfortable in the world, but if you can grit your teeth and suck it up, it’s really not bad. It’s sort of like a bed-and-breakfast except you’re responsible for taking care of everything. Hatter’s is a nice place: the dorms are clean, there’s free tea/coffee/toast 24hrs a day, free breakfast, television, Wi-Fi, and there’s even an old N64 set up that someone was playing Ocarina of Time on last night. The staff’s great too. They pointed me to the Princess and Bishop Pub last night where they were serving 1 pound bottles of Carlsberg, and City Kebab where I got a steak and kidney pie for a pound twenty. I tipped two at the bar, so for a little over five pounds, I got two beers and a pie. I know the pub might have been a bit of a waste of money, but after the day I had yesterday, I felt like a drink was justified (and I definitely slept well).

In a little over two hours I’ll be meeting Nick and picking up the car, assuming he’s gotten the key from Jules. If not, I’ll be meeting Nick and voicing my frustration about the whole situation. Yesterday, I was hoping to drive around Birmingham for a while and familiarize myself a bit and take some pictures, so it was no big deal when the car didn’t come through, really (though I didn’t quite see it that way at the time… I might have had the thought a couple of times that the whole rally was going to fall apart). Today, however, I have things to do.

Chase’s train is supposed to get here at 12:30, so I’ve got to pick him up and then putt on over to the service station and get our mighty steed checked out. I am realizing the difficulties of preplanning anything in a place you’v never been. For example, without knowing exactly which platform Chase will arrive on, I’m not entirely sure where I should go to wait for him. I felt like the way I came through the station was the only way out, but at the time, it could have just been the one I stumbled upon. I think I’m going to head out early and ask someone at the station where the best place to wait for someone would be.

Either way, I’m a lot more enthusiastic about today, and I’ve got a lot more hope for success.