Early Start

by achuggabug

I wasn’t going to post anything until I got on the ground in London, but I’ve got 45 minutes before my flight leaves Little Rock for Chicago; as I’m sure you’d expect, I’m too anxious to just sit and read, so I thought I’d try to get my thoughts together about the long slow day I’ve had waiting for the adventure to start.

I got up at four this morning, hoping it will help me sleep on the second leg of my trip, but so far, I’m wide awake. I’m counting on excitement to only be able to take me so far. I’ll get on my plane from O’Hare at 7:25 and land in London at 9:05 their time, 3:05 (in the morning!) Sheridan time; hopefully I’ll be able to get through tomorrow on a handful of hours of sleep, as I’m sure that’s all I’ll be getting.

I fought off naps a few times this morning, and after I ate lunch with Dad it was nothing but nervous waiting, no more thoughts of sleep. Eleanor threw up a couple of times that I saw today, and I hate to leave her like that; unfortunately, the turning of the world waits for no man, and my flight leaves at 4:55 whether or not I’m on it.

Tomorrow’s schedule isn’t the busiest it could be, but I have a few timed events that need to happen or I could be stuck in the wrong city. I gave myself four and a half hours to get from Heathrow to Euston Station, where I’ll catch my train to Birmingham, so I’m not expecting any problems there, as long as I don’t fall asleep waiting for my train and miss it. Then, it’s just a matter of catching bus 23 (according to the internet, which is never wrong…) to Nick’s place to pick up the car. When I have the car, I’m calling myself done for the day and heading out to the campsite. With a little luck, I’ll find somewhere to pick up a bit of coffee for the morning on my way out.

I suppose I can’t justify sitting here with this for too much longer, at the risk of rambling, so I’ll call it a post and move on with my trip. I’m off to gate 1, hopefully to find my flight is on time.